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"The Netflix Of Sex & Dating" - Bridgette B.

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Great Question! These are behind the scenes videos by top pornstars which teach every aspect of exactly how to please a woman from head to toe.
You will begin with the 30 day training course spread out over 17 video’s

With multiple lessons broken down by technique.
You’ll watch the performers have sex while they talk to the camera.
It’s the ULTIMATE behind the scenes.

Once you complete the initial 30 days, as a member, you will get access to all upcoming content

As soon as you complete the checkout process, You will receive access to a SECRET members area where you will access all the trainings and go through them as MANY times as you need to to soak in the lectures.

Of course.
If you really think you didn’t learn anything, we’ll offer 60 day no questions asked refund.
But we know that once you learn at least SOME of the secrets of the Porn Method,
you’ll NEVER be the same again.

In short, YES.
These techniques are taught by women AND men who have
more experience with the female body than almost ANYONE else on the entire planet.

Be assured that you will be learning from the most experienced teachers
and get the most proven-to-work techniques used on porn sets.


In fact, we take votes on who you want to see us film next.
So YOU control who we film next.

Great Question, 

The Pornstar Method covers SO much. Just a few thing we go over are:

  • How to take her clothes off effortlessly
  • How to kiss her body to get her wet
  • How to eat her pussy so she ALWAYS orgasms
  • How to stimulate her nipples
  • How to choke her
  • The correct way to do missionary, doggy, spoon, and SO many other positions
  • How to have a threesome so everyone enjoys it
  • What to do the MOMENT she orgasms to make sure she becomes yours
  • How to make sure your dick gets hard and STAYS hard throughout sex
  • and TONS and TONS more

50% of women FAKE orgasms just to make the sex end. 

Only 25% of women can orgasm from penis stimulation. 75% need clit stimulation. 

Making a woman yours has nothing to do with looks or money and EVERYTHING to do with the ability to satisfy them in bed.

Sex is no reason to lose a girl that a guy worked SO hard to get into bed. 

This training exposes the best kept secrets only pornstars know to fuck a girl into oblivion and satisfy her every need so she becomes theirs.

Any questions can be directed to

[email protected]