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How To Fuck Like A Porn star

4 Critical Things You NEED To Know

This is Pornstar Bridgette B. Knowing how to fuck like a porn star is a dream of many. 


But what does it actually take to recreate the type stamina and positions you see in videos?


Well, you’ve come to the right place. I, Bridgette B, am going to expose to you exactly what you need to know how fuck like a pornstar. 

Being in the adult industry for over 10 years, I’ve experienced and pushed the limits on what is possible with sex. 

1 on 1, scenes, threesomes, group sex,  you name it. 

There are some critical things you need to know in order to learn how to fuck like a pornstar. 


Today I will show you some of the most important. But before I begin, I want you to know that at the end of this article I will add access to my “Pornstar Method”.

It’s basically the Netflix of sex training. Me and a ton of my pornstar friends got together and made the first of it’s kind behind-the-scenes sex training.  You choose what you want to see us do and show. So be sure to read till the end to get access. 

SO…are you ready for the 4 critical things you need to know how to fuck like a pornstar?

Let’s get started.

1. Stamina

Stamina is one of the most important things to have during sex. A guy can know all the right positions, how to read a woman’s body, and which trigger points to look for. Like the guys already in the Pornstar Method know. But without stamina, he won’t be able to continue the positions until she cums. 

Did you know that it takes guys on average 4 minutes to cum, while it takes a woman a whopping 20!? 


That means that even if a guy can fuck a girl good, then cum…the woman is left unsatisfied.

Did you also know that if you get out of breath, you WILL lose your boner and your dick will become soft. 

So, being out of breath = soft dick

So let’s make sure it stays rock hard for her. 

Stamina can come in many ways. We’ll review the 3 easiest ways to keep, and increase stamina. 

  1. Don’t blow your load (figuratively)
  2. Going too hard and too fast without giving yourself a breather will lead to over-exhaustion and being breathless.
  3. Cardio cardio cardio. 

This may be the hardest one, but even a brisk daily walk will help increase lung capacity and stamina


During sex, we may become super into it and many times forget to breath. By keeping a good breathing pace, you make sure oxygen is getting to your muscles. This is critical to keeping your stamina and breath. 

2. Knowing the moves & positions

One cannot know how to fuck like a pornstar if they don’t know what positions to be in. 

There are tons of sex positions, some harder to do than others.
And in REAL sex (not porn sex) we ust different positions than the ones that you see us do on camera for your entertainment. 

Porn sex is NOT real sex. 

I’m going to repeat, porn sex is NOT real sex. 

What we do is for the camera and for you watching it. It’s not how we women like to be fucked in real life. 

Many guys try to emulate what they see in our videos and leave the girl uncomfortable from the angles, or unable to orgams herself. 

This is the main reason I created the Pornstar Method

To show exactly which positions can make a girl orgasm on command. We show the step-by-step process of each and every sex position imaginable. The amount of information is WAY too much to put here. So I broke it down into a 30 day program with different training videos. 

Each girl likes to be fucked a slightly different way, so it’s critical you know many positions to try. This is how you figure out exactly what she likes, to make her have gushing orgasms. 

3. Know what feels good to a woman


Know what feels good to her is just as important as anything else during sex. 

Sure you could fuck her exactly how YOU like to fuck, but that will probably leave her unsatisfied. 

A true professional lover knows how to read a woman’s body to identify when she is liking something you’re doing, and when she’s not.

For example:

Some women LOVE being fingered
And some HATE it.

Some women love being fucked super hard and deep, and others hurt when it’s deep. 

Reading her body language and facial expression when you’re doing something will tell you if she likes it or doesnt. So practice watching her while you have sex. You’ll find that it makes pleasing her a LOT easier. 

And after you make her orgasm, then you its your turn to orgasm by fucking her like you want. 

Sex is a give a take, and as a guy, you always want to give, before you take. 

This is how you keep a woman coming back for more and more, and make her completely yours. 

4.Practice makes perfect


There’s nothing like real world experience. Once you learn exactly what to do and how to do it, the next step is actually DOING it. 

If you have a girlfriend, you can tell her you’d like to try new things with her. Communication here is key, because you WANT her feedback to know if it’s working. 

If you don’t have a girlfriend but have girl friends, you can have an adult conversation with one about being fuck buddies. 

Having a fuck buddy gives both participants what they want, a sexual relief with someone they trust and are comfortable with.

If you don’t have a fuck buddy, you can practice on girls you hook up with. 

If you go this route, make sure you communicate with them to tell you if they like something or don’t. 

Trust me, a girl will be so happy you told her to communicate with her during sex. Most guys NEVER do this, and they are left having to endure the fumbling and bad moves guys do. 

So, to summarize, to learn how to fuck like a pornstar, you must:

Have stamina
Know the positions
Know what feels good to her
And practice

If interested in learning all this and tons more, then you should check out my pornstar method. 

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Bridgette B. 

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