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How To Make A Girl Squirt

By Bridgette B

The Pornstar Way…

Hi! I’m Pornstar Bridgette B, and today I’m going to show you exactly
how to make a girl squirt.

But wait…The first thing you need to know is that most of the information you read online about how to make a girl squirt is completely WRONG.

There is a specific way we do it in the porn industry that causes us to have those massive squirting orgams you see in our videos. THAT is the secret I’m going to reveal to you. 

First I’m going to tell you what you need to do BEFORE you start the squirting process. Then, I’m going to give you exclusive access to a video I made that shows exactly how to do it. So make sure you read till the end. 

Are you ready? Let’s get started. 

How To Make A Girl Squirt


Ask Her First 

The first thing you need to know is that some girls LOVE it, and some don’t. Ask her first, before attempting to make a girl squirt. You don’t want to find out by her saying, “WTF are you doing!?”.
That will ruin the moment and can even stop any sex you were about to have. 

A girl will not be able to squirt unless she is completely comfortable. Even if you are doing everything perfectly and she wants to squirt, she won’t if she thinks it will be embarrassing. Remember, squirting releases juices all over the place and she may not want to ruin any furniture, clothes, or anything else, so talking to her before and telling her you want her to squirt will help things go smoothly. 

Make sure she’s comfortable and lying on her back 

There are certain angles a girl has to be in order to be able to squirt. Unless she’s a pro like us pornstars, she needs to be on her back so you have the best chance at making her squirt.

To be even smarter, put something under her lower back to bring her hips up and give you a better angle at getting your fingers in the right spot. A pillow, some clothes, or a blanket will do the trick.  Take whatever you’re going to use, lift her butt up and slide it under it so it rests just on her lower back/butt

Trim your fingernails!

Men should always do this regardless, in order to keep a good appearance for women. It’s especially important to trim your nails before you make a girl squirt. Your fingers will be digging in places in her vagina that aren’t ever stimulated. If you have long nails, you could scratch her, or hurt her, and that will definitely make her NOT be able to squirt for you. So make sure you trim those nails before!

Make sure you protect the area from the juices.

how to make a girl squirt

Remember, squirting is literally her shooting liquid all over the place, so make sure any surfaces they can get on are protected. This can be the bed, floor, cabinets, TV’s, and anything else that can be wet by the liquids. This will also help make her comfortable enough to actually squirt.  A girl won’t allow herself to eject juices from her vagina if she thinks she might ruin your bed or furniture. 

Some easy ways to protect the area are by placing a towel under her and directly in front of her, since she will be squirting directly from her vagina. 

Get out of the way. 

Since she will be squirting directly from the middle or her legs, it will create a stream of liquid towards her feet. You don’t want to be standing directly in the way so be sure to be on her side when you put your fingers inside her to begin. Being on her side also gives you the best angle for your hand and wrist to be inside her and will help you not cramp up halfway through unable to finish. You’ve worked so hard up till now, don’t let a cramp stop the fun!

Stretch before to prevent injuring yourself.

This may sound weird but it’s one of the main reasons guys never learn how to make a girl squirt. Your job may take quite a while and it can be very exhausting on your fingers, wrist, and forearm. I know guys who have even injured themselves from going to hard trying to make her squirt!
Before you begin, make sure you do some hand, wrist, and forearm stretches. You can find tons HERE

Trust me, cramping up or hurting yourself when she’s almost at climax, is something you NEVER want to experience with a girl. 

Communication is the key to success in how to make a girl squirt

Girls often won’t tell guys something isn’t feeling good because they don’t want to ruin their ego or hurt their feelings. In this case, it is extra important to talk to her while you’re attempting to make a girl squirt. “Am I hitting the right spot?” “Should I move my fingers?”, “Are you close?” etc.

Asking her to guide you in the process isn’t anything bad, in fact most girls would LOVE a guy who is more vocal with them and communicates so you can both work together towards the eventual goal of orgasming, squirting, or what ever your goal in bed is. Communication always helps. 

Well, that was a lot of information, but critical to making sure you know how to make a girl squirt. It’s not just knowing the spot to hit with your fingers, it’s everything that goes along with it that makes it a success. 

Now that you know WHAT to do to make a girl squirt, its time you learn the never-before-seen techniques me and my Pornstars use that create the gushing orgasms you see on screen. 

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