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How To Satisfy A Girl

Why You're Not Satisfying Her

 What you think is working…isn’t

Hi Hun 🙂

Women often have average sex with good guys.

Why is this?

Today we’re going to go over a few reasons why this happens and how to fix it.

Many guys learn to ‘please’ women in bed by combining their life experiences with sex. 

They find that something they do in bed pleases one girl so they try that on all girls because if it worked for one…

It should work for all…right?

Unfortunately That logic is fundamentally flawed.

That’s like saying just because a girl I went on a date with last year liked seafood, it must mean that every girl Iikes seafood..

Do you see the problem with that logic?

Could it be that you’re relying on methods that worked on one girl but not this one?

Women are not all created equal.

The same way you’d get different answers if you took a group of  10 people and asked them what their favorite food is…

Is the same way you can take 10 women and ask them
what they like to have done to them in bed…and they would all give different answers.

This is why you can’t rely on what you THINK works.

If you only can test your methods every time you have sex with a girl, that’s not an often enough test to see if what you are doing is working.

For scientists to test something, they have to perform hundreds or THOUSANDS of tests to allow for tons of variables.

Unless you’re having sex with thousands of women and going through the data afterwards (asking her what she liked and didn’t like). Then cross referencing what worked and what didn’t work
Then modified your technique next time…

You probably aren’t doing what you need to do in bed to truly please a woman.

This is why my group of Pornstars and I created The Pornstar Method

We have had sex thousands and thousands of times with all types of men, and uncovered that there are certain techniques each guy has to use to truly please us women.

There are also ways to see whether what you’re doing is being enjoyed or not

That way you can modify it and succeed.

If you’re tired of being an average lover and want to be a stallion who has her shaking afterwards wondering how in the world you did that to her….

Then you need  The Pornstar Method.

The only training of it’s kind that shows you live video training on how to fuck a girl to the point of multiple orgasm.

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