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how to text​ a girl you like

3 Critical things you NEED to know how to do
 in order to spark attraction with a girl.


Hi Hun!

A TON of guys get this all wrong and fail miserably at
getting the girl they deserve…

Just because they don’t know what to do or what to
say to develop attraction in her.

So I wanted to write this blog for all those guys out there,
who deserve the hottest women in the world…but don’t
know how to attract girls over text.

I’ll lay it down in 3 simple steps you can begin
 to use tonight to get the attraction sparked. 

3 steps to Attract Girls Over Text.

#1. You can’t attract girls over text if you don’t know how
to initiate the conversation the RIGHT way. 

If you can’t start a conversation the right way, it will fizzle
and die quickly.  The ins and outs of a text dialogue are
critical to keeping her engaged. The Problem is, most guys
never study this because they’re so busy dealing with life, work,
Family, and tons of other problems.

The easiest way to engage a woman in conversation is to
have tons of surefire texts you can send her, that will open
the conversation in a positive way EVERY time.

#2. You can’t attract girls over text if you don’t ask questions. 

A lot of guys make the mistake of talking TOO much.

Men don’t want there to be silence while texting.
Because they tend to think that  Silence = ignoring.
So to combat that, they text and text about anything they
can think of…Because they think that will keep us engaged.

In reality, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice by doing this.

Girls view guys who keep talking and won’t give her the chance
 to talk as

  • Arrogant
  • Cocky
  • Self absorbed
  • Boring

Plus, you’ll never learn anything about HER if you never ask
 her the right questions.

The right kinds of questions aren’t “close ended” questions like,

 “Do you like ice cream”?

Those are called close ended questions.
(Questions that can be answered with a yes or no)

Instead you want to ask her “Open ended” questions.

Questions that make her think…when she can’t just give
a standard answer to something you ask, she has to take
the time to formulate her response to you. This means she’s
focused on you for a longer period of time. Slowly, this focus
on you turns into attraction.

#3. You can’t attract girls over text if you can’t engage her. 

Your focus in every conversation with her should be
to take her on a mental journey

Somewhere with you.

I call it a virtual vacation.

For example:
If a girl is at work, the last thing you want
to text her is, “How is your day going” 

How creative is that?!

You should NEVER send these bland generic overused texts.
 These will get you put in the “GENERAL GUY” Category. 

When I say “engage” her, I mean engage the part of her
mind where she has FUN. By asking the right questions
you’ll figure out what she likes to do, her hobby, her likes,
and her dreams.

Use these and sprinkle them in the conversation to take
her somewhere she wants to be.

For example. If you know she likes Capretti’s Italian
restauraunt, and you know she’s at work, You can text something

“Imagine yourself at Capretti’s right now on a Friday night, eating
cannoli that’s fresh out of the oven, nice and steamy with just the
right amount of spice, while you’re wearing your favorite outfit….”

She will taste the food, and feel the heat from it as
she closes her eyes and shuts off work and follows you
on a virtual vacation.

She will love you for it and look to you for positivity.

There you have it, 3 ways to attract girls over text that
 you can start doing tonight. 

Bridgette B. 


You can do everything perfectly right in text,
but once you get her in bed…if you cant blow
her mind and make her orgasm harder than
she ever has…then you don’t really “have” her. 

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