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Learn From The Adult Industry's Biggest Stars EVERYTHING You Need To Know About How To Completely Satisfy A Woman In Bed

This 30 day program will show you how to please a womans body from head to toe, and give her multiple orgasms.

The techniques exposed are only known by those inside the adult entertainment industry and have NEVER been shared before.

Watch as your favorite pornstars teach you on camera and in the act, the exact way to do everything from A to Z to make her have uncontrollable orgasms in bed.


"Ever Wanted To Give Her A Mind Bending Orgasm In Bed?"

  • Pornstar Missionary Position

    Most girls can orgasm in just a few minutes from this position by just doing it THIS exact way. Watch Kimber woods orgasm as you see it demonstrated live.

  • Total Vagina Stimulation

    Learn exactly how to change speed and rhythm with your fingers and mouth while stimulating the vagina so she doesn’t get bored or sidetracked

  • The Steady Flow Method

    How to make sure your penis stays ROCK HARD through the entire sex session. The worst thing that can happen is you get soft during the middle of it.

  • The In & Out technique

    How to alternate between the clit and her vagina while going down on her with your mouth that will make her beg for more.​

  • The G-Spot detector

    Watch as Carmen shows you on camera how to find the G spot & what to do when you’ve found it. Once you know this method, its almost too easy to make her orgasm.

  • The Porn Star Mind Set

    How male porn stars get into the groove when they are about to shoot. Learn this technique to calm yourself and get ready for action.


Hey, this is Bridgette B.

Pleasing a woman in bed is one of the most important things a man needs to know how to do to.

Too many good guys lose the girl they’ve worked so hard to get, because they don’t have the skills to blow her mind in bed.

So…my group of instructors and I put together the absolute BEST techniques to satisfy a woman sexually.

The Pornstar Method is the only LIVE video sex training course where you see us teach you on screen how to satisfy a woman in bed.

They work so well, she won’t be able to help herself from cumming harder than she’s ever had…no matter how big your penis is, or what you look like..

I can’t wait to see you succeeding with confidence in bed like we both know you should be!

To Your Success,

Bridgette B.