PornStar Method

Lesson #1.

If you cannot view the video

Welcome to the porn star Method. You’re about to embark into a brand new and never before seen sex training by your favorite porn stars. 

In this scene you will see the two female performers demonstrating how each likes to be kissed and licked in a sensual manner.  These tips are important in every sexual interaction, because it creates anticipation and gives a smooth transition into actual intercourse.

One additional tip to keep in the back of your mind is to be present in the moment, and to be mindful of when its time to move on from the kissing, because you don’t want to over do it.. But at the same time just feel the moment, you will know when its time to move on, usually she will throw out subtle movements or gestures to encourage you to take it to the next step.

Implementing what you just saw will simply make it more enjoyable for both, it should be a fun experience and shouldn’t seem like a “job”.  The woman will appreciate the fact that you are being intimate, and will bring her closer to you in many ways.