PornStar Method

Lesson #2

This section is important to take notes in because its the stage right before actual intercourse, its the foreplay section that you will learn how to basically warm her up.  Its the part that gives you the opportunity to make her have a orgasm without actual intercourse as well.  So its a good time for both of these to happen.  With sex; you never want to just rush into it, thats why foreplay is there for both of you.

Another tip to keep in mind when you’re giving oral is to make sure your partner is comfortable when you are performing it on her.  You don’t want her laying in a awkward angle that causes discomfort and takes away from the experience you are trying to give her. 

Take your time, there is no rush, enjoy the moment.   When you implement this, it’ll slow things down and take pressure off both individuals, thus taking the pressure out of the equation.

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