PornStar Method

Lesson #4

You will see in this scene how its good to touch and give focus to the areas around her vagina first before diving right in.  Then when you are in it goes into detail on what secret areas are good to focus on before going in for oral.

A side tip that isn’t talked about in this video is a simple foreplay technique that doesn’t involve even touching her. Its something we as men already do, and thats  simply to stroke ourselves while you make eye contact with her or admire her body in a sensual manner.  Simply giving her “a look” will drive her crazy, because she wants to be feeling your touch but instead you are touching yourself. Thus this will  drive her crazy and make her start touching herself.

Using this tip is always good to use even AFTER you already started touching or performing oral on her, because she is already in the mood, so when you pull back and do this tip it’ll drive her insane. Its a simple psychological tip that will work every-time.