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PORNSTAR Bridgette B.

Exposes 4 Critical Sex Secrets You MUST Know

Bridgette Bridgette

Hey, this is Bridgette B.

I’m a pornstar. Have you ever wanted to fuck a girl SO bad, you'd do anything you could to get her in bed? texting, dates, phone, calls, gifts...

And once you finally got her in the bedroom… things don’t go so smoothly.

You KNOW, she wasn't completely satisfied...

And the next day you have that feeling in your stomach that she'll tell her friends over lunch, about how you fumbled sex.

It's the worst feeling for a guy to feel like he got to the finish line, but couldn't complete the most iportant part of the race, leaving her laying in bed convulsing uncontrollably from orgasming

All of a sudden she’s ‘busy’ on the weekends…but you see her out on social media with friends. She starts taking longer to answer your texts, and slowly you lose touch with her.

Too many guys say all the right things, develop a connection, take her on dates, then fail to satisfy her sexually the way she’s begging to be pleasured.

If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t completely satisfy a girl in bed, keep reading because I’m going to show you the 1 critical thing you NEED to do to in the bedroom.

But before that, I need to expose to you one HUGE mistake guys make.

Men think that just because THEY orgasmed, the sex was successful.

When the sad reality is that the majority of us women FAKE pleasure, even orgasms during sex so we don’t make the guy feel embarrassed.

This is why even though men may think they “Fucked her brains out”, she was actually bored and wanted it to end.

We women deal with this ALL the time, and it’s the main reason why we stop answering texts and become ‘distant’

And it’s not guys’ fault.
They aren’t given a, “How to fuck”, class in school.

Unlike everything else in life, we have to learn sex all on our own.

This is why SO many men never learn how to REALLY pleasure a woman in bed.

The kind of pleasure that makes her cum harder than she ever has, leaving her shaking uncontrollably, dripping wet with cum, and making her completely yours while ignoring all the other guys after her.

The kind of sex us porn stars have OFF set, when the camera isn’t on.

Now stop.

One thing I want to make clear is that Porn Sex is NOT real sex

Us Pornstars don’t have “porn” sex in our private lives.

Because we have tons of sex, we know exactly what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

So if you’re trying to emulate what you see us do on camera and think it’s going to turn her on…DON’T.

Porn sex is done for your entertainment. It is NOT how women really want to be fucked.

Truly fucking the sense out of her goes WAY deeper than what you see on screen.

It takes knowing the secrets that most people never learn, and thus fail to completely satisfying the women they get into bed.

The best part is that once you uncover these secrets; your age, looks and status don't matter.

And the techniques work on ANY girl, no matter how hot she is.

Now I want to reveal the #1 critical mistake guys make in bed that you can change starting tonight…

They don’t read the womans body language.

Her body will tell you everything you need to know about whether what you’re doing is feeling good, or if she’s just putting up with it.

Don’t just bulldoze through sex.

HER pleasure comes before YOUR pleasure.

Is she pushing away from you, or pulling you closer inside her.

Is she quiet and grimacing when you eat her pussy, or is she moaning and spreading her legs wider for you?

Are there awkward pauses during the transitions of sex moves, or is it a fluid dance where she’s staring into your eyes in complete ecstasy.

Because there is SO much to learn when it comes to knowing the secrets of sex us pornstars know,

What we’ve done assemble an all star list of adult entertainments top talents,

Pornstars at the top of the industry and the best at fucking.

And created the first ever 30 day video sex training course called the Pornstar Method.

Pornstar Method 30 day training is basically a crash course on exactly how to make sure you completely satisfy a woman from head to toe.

Learn lesson by lesson on every single thing you need to know from taking her clothes off, to eating her pussy, to fucking her, to what you should do immediately after she orgasms so she will do anything you want.

You’ll see us have sex live on camera while we talk to you and explain the secrets us pornstars use to perfectly stimulate each and every part of her body.

Learn how to fuck, suck, rub, choke, pull, massage, and everything else you need to know to fuck any woman into oblivion.

You’ll learn exactly WHAT you need to do to make her cum as many times as you please.

Leaving her convulsing and staring at you thinking “Where did THAT come from”

Start today and become the guy who can satisfy any woman he wants starting tonight

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In the Pornstar Method, you’ll learn things like...

  • Pornstar Missionary Position
  • Total Vagina Stimulation
  • The Steady Flow Method
  • The In & Out technique
  • The Porn Star Mind Set
  • Perfect Nipple Stimulation
  • Edging
  • The Leader
  • The Cowgirl Position
  • The Alternator Method

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions:


When you make the decision to get on the inside with everyone else, you’ll be given a super secret login to our confidential members area.

Once you’re in, you’ll begin with the Day 1 lesson which looks like this.

I, Bridgette B, will be your teacher and guide you along while we watch the performers have sex and teach you the different techniques.

You’ll see each technique live in action with our coaches performing them for you on camera and how hard they cum from them.







Once we are done with the day’s lesson, you’ll get a cheat sheet going over what we learned and some tips for the next days lesson.

It’s like watching a porn where you go behind the scenes and learn exactly why and how everything is being done.

Start today and become the guy who can satisfy any woman he wants starting tonight

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In fact, when you get the Pornstar Method today, you’ll also get TONS of bonuses.


The Male Pornstar Perspective.

  • A tell all no holds barred interview with top male Pornstar Seth Gamble who has been featured in hundreds of scenes.
  • Learn directly from someone at the top of the industry on subjects like:
  • How can you tell if a girl is into you?
  • Tips To Improve Sexual Performance
  • Porn sex vs Real Life Sex
  • How to approach a girl if im nervous?
  • How To Establish Consent With A Girl
  • How to tell if she’s Flirting With Me?
  • Where’s the Best Place To Cum During Sex
  • What Is “Edging”?

And that’s not all.
When you get The Porn Method today,
you’ll also get access to

How To Get Her Number

With ME!

Learn from how to Uncover the 3 things you MUST do BEFORE you ask her for her number so that she at least ALWAYS says yes.

Don’t try to get another phone number until you learn this.

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And there’s even more!

Vagina 101

If you don’t know WHAT the vagina is and how it works, how can you learn to stimulate the all the individual parts?

Learn directly from ME on exactly what each area of the vagina is, and how you can stimulate each part to perfection using your tongue, finger, and penis.

This course shows you enough about the female parts to make you an expert at pleasing it.

Get The Pornstar Method PLUS all these bonuses today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You’ll also get access to a secret area where you can ask me and any of the other instructors anything you’d like about sex, dating, relationships, and anything else you need.

Great question

You will get access to a SECRET members area where you can access all the trainings and go

through them as MANY times as you need to to soak in the lectures.

Of course.

But if you really think you didn’t learn anything, we’ll offer 60 day no questions asked refund.

But we know that once you learn at least SOME of the secrets of the Porn Method, you’ll

NEVER be the same again.

In short, YES.

These techniques are taught by women AND men who have

more experience with the female body than almost ANYONE else on the entire planet.

Be assured that you will be learning from the most experienced teachers

and get the most proven to work techniques as provided on set.

So Let’s get started RIGHT NOW.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside

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