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How To Make A Girl Cum,
My #1 Trick

By Bridgette B

It’s more than just WHAT you do…

“How to make a girl cum” – By Award winning Pornstar Bridgette B.


 Making a girl cum is one of the most important things men need to know how to do. It’s more important than taking her on fancy dates or a vacation 

Today I’m going to give you some of my best tips on how to make a girl cum, FAST. 

And just as importantly, I’m going to show you the most common things men do, that they should NOT be doing if they want to make her cum. .  

But before I get to that,
I want to say that the guys who are inside
My Pornstar Method sex training are doing SO well, I couldn’t be happier  😉

So, on to todays topic…

How To Make A Girl Cum.

Making her orgasm REALLY hard…I’m talking mind blowing orgasms, is more than just WHAT you do or WHAT you use (your mouth, penis, or fingers). 
 It’s HOW she feels WHILE you’re doing it.

Realize this: every guy has a tongue, finger, and d*ck…


So why are some guys MUCH better lovers than others?

If you all have the same tools…shouldn’t it be all the same?

Part of it has to do with HOW you make her feel while you’re doing it.

And that means making her comfortable enough so that she can cum.

Cumming is as much mental as it is physical.

If you can stimulate the mind AND body at the same time…

That’s when she can release all the stress of life, all that pleasure,

Into one singular point.

how to make a girl cum

This causes us women to have the convulsing orgasms that gush juices all over the place.
The kinds you see us Pornstars have in our videos.

You KNOW when she’s had one of these…you can see it on her face.

 Her body is shaking uncontrollably. Her vagina is tightening and loosening involuntarily. She’s dripping completely wet all over the place, and her eyes are staring into yours. It looks like she’s being choked because her face is so tense that her eyes are popping out of their sockets. 

THIS is how women need to feel with their man.

Women will do ANYTHING for you if you can make them feel like this.

Inside the Pornstar Method, we show you EXACTLY how to make her reach this point of climax again and again. And we show it while we actually have sex. It’s the ultimate behind the scenes into real life Pornstar sex. 

Now that you know how you need to make a girl cum to make her absolutely and completely yours, you need to know what NOT to do during sex. 

Having bad sex can mean she never orgasms, never reaches that connection with you, and eventually drifts away and might even stop answering calls or texts. 

How To Make A Girl Cum.

 I always like teaching what NOT to do, before teaching what TO do. 

If you’re ready for some of my best tips on what NOT to do to make a girl cum, then keep reading. 

1. Only 25% of women can orgasm from penis penetration. 

Yes, it’s true. Even though you think you might be f*cking her into oblivion, the truth of the matter is that  you will probably fail 75% of the time.
It’s not your fault. Most women just need clit stimulation to cum. Penetration might feel good for YOU, but for us women, we need to be stimulated on our clit. 

This is why guys who just start fingerblasting or jackhammering a girl, won’t get very far. 

And let me tell you another secret. 

2. 65% of all women FAKE orgasms. 


Another fact that’s sad but true. Look at THIS  study done which reveals that 65% of women FAKE orgasms. That means that while men may think they f*cked her brains out and made her cum, the sad reality is that they had no idea she was uncomfortable, or in pain, and just faked cumming to get them to stop.

The LAST thing guys should want is that she tells her friends she had to fake an orgasm just to get the guy to stop.  
If you follow the rule 

Never stick anything in before you stimulate the vagina

You will be well on your way to success.

3. Make SURE She is lubricated, all the time

There is nothing more uncomfortable than us women have to deal with a guy going in dry. 
Your d*ck might not hurt, but our vaginas have a lot of sensitive parts and they need lubrication to make sure you glide in smoothly. 
Whether you have to wet your fingers, or your cock with saliva, or use lube like someone who came prepared, make sure it’s wet. 

This is why getting her wet before you go in is even more important. 


Using your tongue while you go down on her to make her wet is the best way to not only ensure she self lubricates, but that she’s also stimulated. 

If you really want to know how to make a girl cum, keeping her lubricated is critical to success. 

Even if it’s in the middle of sex and she’s getting close, always be aware and check to see if she’s still wet or if she’s drying up. A quick checking & re-wetting will go a long way. 

Now that you know the 3 critical things to NOT do. 

It’s time to show you exactly step by step what you NEED to do to guarantee a mind blowing orgasm every single time. 

Me and a ton of my favorite (and your favorite) pornstars got together and made the first ever of its kind ultimate behind the scenes real sex documentary training where we show the EXACT ways to completely pleasure a woman. 

From taking her clothes off the right way, to giving her multiple orgasms, to mens health tips on keeping you d*ck hard all the time. 

So join us while you can, and become the most amazing lover you could ever be.

Talk to ya soon love!

Bridgette B.

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