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Pornstars Teach The Missionary Sex Position

The most important position, finally exposed.

Hi hun. It’s pornstar Bridgette B.
Today, I’m going to teach you secrets about the most popular position in the world, the missionary sex position. Secrets we in the adult industry don’t often share with the world. 

There is a reason the missionary sex position is the most common position done; we’ll uncover why it’s so important to know how to perform correctly. Then, 

I’ll teach you exactly how us pornstars do missionary. The way that produces those massive orgasms you see us have on video. 

But first, you need to know that there is a BIG difference between Porn sex missionary vs REAL missionary.

If you attempt to do “pornstar” missionary during real sex, it may not work out well for you. 
A woman needs to be handled in a way that’s different than what you see in porn. 

This is why so many men fail at truly pleasing a woman.
Us women don’t say this publicly, but a guy who can’t satisfy them in bed, is really hard to fall for.

This is why many women go back to their asshole ex bf, or that guy who is no good for them…but who fucks them good. 

Plenty of really good guys lose out on girls because of this and become frustrated. The problem is that girls will never tell a guy what the issue REALLY is. They just become distance, or stop responding to texts and calls. 

 But not anymore, because today you’re going to learn the perfect pornstar way to do missionary sex position.

Like I always ask before giving you great behind the scenes knowledge only us pornstars know, are you ready?

We’ll start off by learning WHY it’s so important.


Why it’s so important to do the missionary sex position correctly. 


Missionary sex is the most comfortable position for a girl and the most popular according to this survey.

One reason is because she’s able to lie on her back without her body being bent in an angle. When doing it doggy style or any position where you’re behind her, the pounding of your body into hers can cause lower back problems. 

If you’re behind her, be careful about jackhammering her or it might be painful.

You should already know that a woman has to be comfortable in order to have an orgasm. By doing the missionary sex position, you give yourself the best chance to making this happen. 


The way you see missionary done in porn is NOT the right way to do it in real life. 


What we do on camera is meant for your enjoyment. The positions are much more “open” than they should be in real life. What’s important in porn sex is that the camera be able to see everything, especially the penis going in and out. If you weren’t able to see this, then it would be what’s called “soft core porn”. 

Soft core porn is where you see the sex but without the vagina or penis showing. 

For this reason, bodies are tilted towards the camera to get the best angle for your viewing. So make sure you learn how to do it the right way. 


How fast should you pump during missionary sex?


That’s a great question and one that will depend on YOU. The speed at which you pump will depend on how fit you are. If you don’t work out much or your cardio isn’t very good, then you should NOT try to go hard and fast. Doing so will leave you out of breath, and when you are out of breath, you WILL lose your erection. 


Pace yourself

The speed you should pump at should be a speed you can hold for 3-5 minutes without stopping or becoming out of breath.

Breathlessness = loss of erection, so it is critical to avoid this. 




Women like to have sex differently. Some may like it harder and deeper, and others slower and more romantic. Communication is key, and taking a few seconds to find out how she likes it is very important. 

Your goal is to do as much as you can to ensure she orgasms.  Asking, “How do you like it?” before you begin, will tell you what you need to know to make sure she cums. 


Should I stay in missionary sex position the entire time?


This depends on the woman. Reading body language is the most important thing a guy can do during sex. You need to watch her body to see if she is enjoying it or not. 

Trying to plow through sex the way YOU want it, might feel good for you. But it probably won’t satisfy HER. 

How long you stay in missionary sex depends entirely on whether you can tell she’s liking it, or if she’s ready to switch it up. 

If you hear her moaning, stomach contracting, toes curling, mouth open, and any other signs that she’s liking it, DON’T STOP. Many guys don’t realize the girl is getting close to orgasm and switch positions. This kills momentum and ruins any chance at making her cum. Even if you’re tired or muscles are burning, don’t stop. She will love that you went to the extreme to pleasure her.

If you are staying in missionary for an extended period of time, (more than a few minutes) make sure you change up the speed. Even if she likes the position, you don’t want to stay at a constant speed the entire time. Being sensual and slow for a bit can be super enjoyable for the girl.  To do this go in and out of her vagina slowly with your penis so she feels it. Then after 10 or so pumps of this, begin going back to normal speed. 


How do I know when to start the missionary sex position?


When you begin, don’t just stick your penis in and start going. Warming her up is critical to setting the mood. You don’t eat your food cold, you stick it in the microwave and heat it up before eating it. 

Think of sex like this. You need to warm her up before you stick it in. A good way to do this is before you stick it in, rub it on her vagina so she feels it. 

This will begin to turn her on and make her wet, which is what you want, remember? (Always keep her wet)

Let her feel you rubbing it around her lips, spreading them apart and causing her to tremble with joy. 

Then, once you’ve done that for about 15-20 seconds, start teasing her by gently puting just the tip of your penis inside her vagina. Don’t go all the way in, just pull the tip back out, so she feels you pushing open her hole. This will serve to make her become incredibly wet for you. 

Once you’ve done this a number of times, then it’s time to start slowly.


Congratulations, you now have enough knowledge on how to do the missionary sex position to begin trying it yourself. 


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