PornStar Method

How To Set The Mood Before Sex

Critical things guys need to know before starting intercourse.

Setting the mood is one of the most important things you need to know how to do before you even think about taking her clothes off.

Taking the time to make her comfortable will drastically increase your chances of successful sex for the both of you.

When you finally her come over to your place to put all your skills you learned from the Porn Star method into action….

You MUST first have your home in order.

It needs to be cleaned, organized and well put together.

Whether you like it or not you will be judged on your living area.

She will keep mental notes on how things are, because lets face it…you honestly really can tell a lot about a person by how their living situation at home looks.

So…if you are  messy in your every day life…

Change that before she comes over!
Hire a cleaning lady or deep clean your house yourself.

If your place is dirty she will NOT be comfortable

Staring at grime and dirt will NOT help her get into the mood and want to have sex with you. 

Once your place is in order, the next step is to make it appealing to her.

Here are A few simple touches:

  1. Have some candles lit. You can get candles incredibly cheap (Just a few dollars) and they last a long time. So make them work for you!
  2.  If she drinks, have a few choices of beverages, ie: wine is always a safe choice. Have a red and white available. Simply ask her before she gets there if there is anything she needs, that way it’ll eliminate the “wonder” and guessing game that you would play.
  3. Make sure your bathroom is cleaner than you have EVER seen it.
    It needs to be spotless, if this is her first time coming over..that is the one area that NEEDS to be pristine.

    We cant stress this enough…

    Spray the place down, light some candles and make it smell good!

A cool gadget to have in your house are “Smart Bulbs“.

They are cool lightbulbs that you can control on your phone and make any color as bright or as dim as you want 😉 

You can also get light strips. These are strips that light your room up. 

You can get creative with these and put under your bed, your tv and your couch.

You can also control the light colors and brightness with your phone 😉 

Once you’ve done all those steps…Now its time to bring it home.

Use exactly what you learned in the porn method to blow…her….mind. 

If you don’t have the Pornstar Method yet, check this out below to get in with the rest of the guys succeeding.