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How To Make Girls Follow You On Instagram

Learn what makes girls add guys on instagram and how 
get anyones attention on instagram.

By Carmen Caliente.

Hi Love.  

Today I wanted to give you some super solid tips to make girls follow you on instagram. 

So…the topic of todays blog is…


More Specifically…

WHY do girls add guys on instagram?
And how to make them WANT to follow you. 

That’s a question all men should be asking themselves. 

With so many hot girls on instagram, how do you get them to add you?

Well, today we’re going to try to help you answer that question. 


Lets Go.

1. Girls add guys on Instagram who EXCITE them. 

Now I don’t mean you have to be Dan Bilzerian or some celebrity with mansion, cars, and tons of money to get girls to add you, but you have to “excite” them.

Exciting a girl can be done in an infinite number of ways. 

You have to evaluate what you do on a daily basis and use those things to attract women on instagram.  

Your hobbies, your likes, your talents….

SOMETHING you do can be used to excite women. 

Find out what that is and use it to your benefit. 

carmen caliente pornstar method

2. Is there something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t done it?


Women are attracted to guys who are adventurous.
When’s the last time you’ve gone out of your comfort zone and done something you’ve always wanted to do or try?

It doesn’t have to be jumping out of a plane.
A cooking class can be something new…

Getting that new suit you’ve been wanting…

Anything that make’s you look adventurous will attract more women to you on Instagram, social media, and in life in general. 

Hot women can’t resist adding a guy who shows them a little of their wild side 😉  

3. Understand what kinds of pictures attract women on Instagram. 

If you post bad quality of pictures, you will not get women to follow you…

Post the right types of pictures…and you will have MUCH more success…

You can bad take pictures of you doing amazing things…and it will look bad…

Or you can take great pictures of you doing a lot of nothing, and it will STILL look good. 

For tips on how to take great pictures with an iPhone camera

Check this out =>

Taking a few minutes out of your day to learn simple secrets how to look attractive on instagram will go a long way in attracting more women and getting them  to follow you back. 


Realize that women will not just add you back randomly…you have to give them a reason to. 

If you don’t…you will never get a ton of followers, let 
alone a decent amount. 

You’ll be stuck in instagram purgatory, where you’re neither here nor there. 

Implementing a few simple strategies will make your success with adding women and having them add you back so much more successful it’s not even close. 

Instagram is a great way, but once you get them into bed you need to know what to do…

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